Cover of Tender by Blur

Cover of Tender by Blur – Leanne Bunce & Rebecca Marriott So I’ve been going to this choir thing with my best friend Leanne (also my ex but she’s morphed), truly my best friend and some of our mates. It’s nice to have a little singalong and a natter, very good for depression which I […]

Cover of Placebo – Fuck u

My amp is going mental. Try and ignore it. I do. I’m gonna call it ‘grunge’ because the genre of grunge basically means… mistakes aplenty, but I don’t care, or at least, I pretend I don’t care, because I am so cool like that. Cover of Placebo – Fuck u Originally by Archive, I think. […]

Guitar cover of The Distillers – The Hunger

Cover of The Distillers – The Hunger Holy eyes, I never knew I’d beg down at your feet Hold on tight I never knew I’d know much more than this Open sky, the wave of pain the scent of you is bliss Hungry eyes, they stare at me I know, I know Don’t go! Summertime, […]