A happy ending

It’s the toughest time of my life, and I feel the weakest I’ve been in my life. Had to go home from work. It was (according to the schedule) an easy day. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t even do the easy day. I cried all the way driving home. Every day I don’t work […]

Capture of a moment

When photos are all you have left. A window into a moment of sheer unadulterated joy. People die you know. They really do. And so how it feels to look at a photograph like this. The the two extremes of emotion, felt together, the elation and the sorrow. It doesn’t even out. No, you feel […]

A glimpse of happiness

Yesterday I was dumbstruck. My grief-stricken melancholy was replaced with, dare I say it, happiness. I was dancing in the kitchen. I had jobs to do and I ploughed my way through them, satisfying feelings of progress running through my veins. I got things done. The contrast to my prior ‘stay in bed all day […]