Hitting nails on heads, sexuality and gender.

With a woman: I will be a woman with breasts, a clitoris, a vagina and an hourglass figure. I will be a man with a chest and a phallus. I will be both, or neither. With a man: I will be a man, with muscles and stubble, sideburns, a beard and an Adam’s apple. I […]

Why am I horrid?

Why am I horrid? Thanks Tilda. Great question. I’m going to need some popcorn for this. Thank goodness for that. I have one packet of salted left. I was worried for a second I only had sweet. I was about to burst into tears. I am particular, fussy and selfish. I don’t share well. I […]

Hole in my soul

Part of the blog challenge from Swift Expression Robbie William’s song ‘feel’ – There’s a hole in my soul, you can see it in my face Do I relate? Yes. There has always been a hole in my soul. I think the percentage of lesbians who are depressed and self-harm is far greater than that […]