‘Coping’ with a stoma

I got fed up with typing so thought I’d try dictation You’re coping very well with having a stoma though said my mother We’d been talking about my decision to have reversal surgery In the grand context of things yes I’m not sure exactly how you know this what with living in a different country […]

Sympathy, help, where to find it.

I’m angry and upset right now. I wish everyone had to spend a week with Colitis to know what it’s like. It wouldn’t be any use, because they would soon forget. I soon forget myself in periods of remission. I can’t start my new drugs for 3 weeks, and they may not even work. But […]

Psyching myself up… to eat a crumpet.

Most people probably don’t think of eating a crumpet as very brave. I mean, it’s easy, eating a crumpet, right? This morning I woke up at 7am. Went to the toilet. Now bear in mind, I don’t recall drinking any picolax (super strong laxatives) yesterday. But everything, everything came out. I don’t know if there […]