Testosterone as a calming influence.

I feel like I’m relaxing into myself. Dark hairs spread down my thighs and up my stomach. I like the patterns they create. Stubble under my chin. A voice less harsh. Two semitones lower. I feel extremes of emotion less intensely. Positive, calming. There is no rage. There is a sex drive but it is […]

With you it’s always take, take and no give.

I love how sinister this song is. I know where you live. Placebo – I.K.W.Y.L. I’m not really into politics. This whole Maggie Thatcher dying thing. Well it’s big news. I mean, I’m from a Welsh mining town. I was but a child, but feelings, they run deep. We are under the control again, of […]

Dear diary…

Dear diary, Or should I say dear sex diary, as that’s what it’s turning into. Dear sex diary, I have not had sex. Lol. I have met a nice trans lady with a nice big whip. I have applied for a job as a trainee hairdresser. Well that would be fun wouldn’t it? I have […]

Yes man (woman).

I have been blogging a bit less lately because I’ve been doing things for a change. I’ve become ‘Yes man.’ In that I say yes to things instead of no. And I’m a woman, not a man. Still technicalities… And I feel sooo much better. Sooo much less depressed. My ex is in the process […]

Why am I horrid?

Why am I horrid? Thanks Tilda. Great question. I’m going to need some popcorn for this. Thank goodness for that. I have one packet of salted left. I was worried for a second I only had sweet. I was about to burst into tears. I am particular, fussy and selfish. I don’t share well. I […]