On caring for yourself

I haven’t blogged in a while. I’m on a high dose of steroids which doesn’t make it easy to put sentences together. I finally relented and accepted that my flare-up was not going away by itself. I deprioritised my work, if you will, and I can’t remember the specifics, but ended up taking oral steroids […]

Answer to the question about the strap-on…

… and a bit more. Maybe just stick to the carrots then J 🙂 I used to be mainly the wearer of the s/o. Two reasons 1. Well I liked to fuck women, still do and 2. I was never very good at being penetrated, just couldn’t do it. Had various problems that I won’t […]

The kiss

artofstumbling style… So I’m messing around with photos of me naked, as you tend to do when you’re single, don’t you. I guess. Anyway upon seeing picture, person says “You’ve recreated ‘the kiss’” Accidentally of course. I see your point, but… aren’t there two people in that painting? Yes, there are. Two people. But anyway, […]

6. Swift Expression blog challenge – Alone

Part of the Swift Expression blog challenge. “6. For reasons beyond your control, you find yourself completely alone for the rest of your life. How will you cope? How will you survive? Or will you find a way to thrive?” Well, I don’t think I will ‘thrive’ whether I’m alone or not so let’s knock that […]


Loneliness is hard. When I feel this fragile… it hurts. There are temporary distractions, notifications pinging into my Facebook, silly banter, I feel less alone. Then everyone goes to bed and I’m all alone again. There are certain voids in me that need to be filled by certain types of people. Not everyone can perform […]


It’s fucking tearing me apart. I’ll sit here with the heel of my hand on my forehead, grimacing. There is nothing I can do about it. I have never felt this helpless. I have never had someone let me so far into their fucking life and then… what. How I long to not care. But […]