My own child

Having a child that is so much like you. It is you. An extension of yourself. A SAFETY BLANKET. A reassurance that it is ok to die, because half of you is left. Or two halves. I am at the point in my transition where I still have spot bleeding. I have ovaries. I know, […]


Foolish. A fool. The fool. That’s me. Since you. I’ve been in a slump. I was reading that the greatest amount, or something, of suicides is not those who are extremely poor, ill etc. But rather those who go from relative prosperity to otherwise. Students who have expectations on them and are about to fail. […]

Thoughts in my head – should they stay in my head or not?

So. I had an interesting conversation with someone last night about online things. Online relationships. Anyway, I’ll come back to that. Oh God, this is all in the wrong order. So what is in a name? If you fall in love with someone called Erika, which of course you would because Erika is lovely. Things […]

The walk of shame

Both feet tripped at the same time, sending her flying forward. There was no rescuing herself. Both knees hit the ground with a force great enough to graze her legs through her jeans. She let out a high-pitched self-pitying scream, rolled herself over to sit on the pavement and started to cry. She was glad, […]

Subliminal… WTF?

I’ve been reading this book: It’s good. But I’ve just had one of those WTF moments… Some more pictures, bear with , bear with: Basically this dude is saying that we can be subtly influenced, in matters of the heart, by a person’s surname. This table shows marriages between the 5 most common US surnames: […]

My most spiritual moment

In response to Swift Expression I was at St. Elvan’s church in Aberdare. It’d been a long day of rehearsals for the Christmas carol service. I was playing the violin in the orchestra. I had a huge crush on my French teacher. I was feeling so weary and I glanced up to the back of […]

Hole in my soul

Part of the blog challenge from Swift Expression Robbie William’s song ‘feel’ – There’s a hole in my soul, you can see it in my face Do I relate? Yes. There has always been a hole in my soul. I think the percentage of lesbians who are depressed and self-harm is far greater than that […]