Daily Heil

Depression hits when everything is going just fine. There is no rhyme, reason, just a cumbersome, debilitating (I want to say cloud, but it’s heavier) that stops you in your tracks. For me it gets worse when sleep is wrong. I have an 8-5 job, weekdays. This weekend I stayed up all night, went to […]

I wish I’d never read that.

Everything you read in the media is a distortion of the truth. Distorted in a way to influence and control. What gets printed in the media affects the outcomes of trials. Who goes to jail. And who gets away with murder. News stories are written by people who don’t know the victims. They are given […]

People as objects

Ok so I’m on twitter now. Seems like a general theme is it’s used to express outrage at things. Hashtags trending. Everyone jumps on board. So the latest is Oscar (hang on while I google how to spell his name…) Pistorius’s girlfriend being murdered. Apparently, I now know, thanks to twitter, #Her NameWasReevaSteenkamp. So yes, […]