So turns out, she’s like a disease. When I forget…

So turns out, she’s like a disease. When I forget to take my meds I get all worked up, teary, and wish that we were in contact. It’s ok. I’ve taken my meds today. Medication to subdue my feelings, yes, that actually works. Suffering from a broken heart, a lost bond, broken trust? Just take […]

Sympathy, help, where to find it.

I’m angry and upset right now. I wish everyone had to spend a week with Colitis to know what it’s like. It wouldn’t be any use, because they would soon forget. I soon forget myself in periods of remission. I can’t start my new drugs for 3 weeks, and they may not even work. But […]

Closing off.

Sorry for the lack of blogging. Words aren’t coming easily to me at the moment. Dreams are short when they come and soon forgotten. Yesterday my dream was that I was flirting with someone. I don’t know who. I don’t remember how. That’s all. I am still absolutely loving the job. It is a complete […]

Dear diary…

Dear diary, Or should I say dear sex diary, as that’s what it’s turning into. Dear sex diary, I have not had sex. Lol. I have met a nice trans lady with a nice big whip. I have applied for a job as a trainee hairdresser. Well that would be fun wouldn’t it? I have […]

Attitudes to illness. To our own illness.

Healthy person: My tongue is spontaneously bleeding. That’s strange. I’d better go to the doctor and get it checked out.   Person with Ulcerative Colitis on immunosuppressants: My tongue is spontaneously bleeding. That’s strange. Oh well, I will have a tin of pineapple I’m sure that will make it better.   Healthy person: It hurts […]

6. Swift Expression blog challenge – Alone

Part of the Swift Expression blog challenge. “6. For reasons beyond your control, you find yourself completely alone for the rest of your life. How will you cope? How will you survive? Or will you find a way to thrive?” Well, I don’t think I will ‘thrive’ whether I’m alone or not so let’s knock that […]

A glimpse of happiness

Yesterday I was dumbstruck. My grief-stricken melancholy was replaced with, dare I say it, happiness. I was dancing in the kitchen. I had jobs to do and I ploughed my way through them, satisfying feelings of progress running through my veins. I got things done. The contrast to my prior ‘stay in bed all day […]