Falling behind

Fallen behind on my blogging again. Haven’t been recording my dreams which seems a shame (to me) because I like having this little record here. Anyway, here is a song of mine, not mine, a cover of mine. I’ve done it before, the song, but this time I am actually drumming. And I don’t think […]


Foolish. A fool. The fool. That’s me. Since you. I’ve been in a slump. I was reading that the greatest amount, or something, of suicides is not those who are extremely poor, ill etc. But rather those who go from relative prosperity to otherwise. Students who have expectations on them and are about to fail. […]

Sedated rage

3 days off antidepressants and I’m crying. I’m not making this shit up. Paranoia is back. Paranoia that nobody likes me. Feeling alone. It’s a feeling, not a circumstance. My circumstances haven’t changed, just my headspace. There is your answer, right there. It was worth a try. If I hadn’t run out of pills I […]

Citizen Erased

I’m going to say it’s mixed media on cardboard. Because, well, it is. Spray paint and acrylic paint. That’s two different types of paint right? And this is the song ‘Citizen Erased’ minus Matt’s singing. Sometimes it’s just nice to hear the music. Muse – Citizen Erased (Instrumental) I forget that he actually uses an […]