Falling behind

Fallen behind on my blogging again. Haven’t been recording my dreams which seems a shame (to me) because I like having this little record here. Anyway, here is a song of mine, not mine, a cover of mine. I’ve done it before, the song, but this time I am actually drumming. And I don’t think […]

Sedated rage

3 days off antidepressants and I’m crying. I’m not making this shit up. Paranoia is back. Paranoia that nobody likes me. Feeling alone. It’s a feeling, not a circumstance. My circumstances haven’t changed, just my headspace. There is your answer, right there. It was worth a try. If I hadn’t run out of pills I […]

The kiss

artofstumbling style… So I’m messing around with photos of me naked, as you tend to do when you’re single, don’t you. I guess. Anyway upon seeing picture, person says “You’ve recreated ‘the kiss’” Accidentally of course. I see your point, but… aren’t there two people in that painting? Yes, there are. Two people. But anyway, […]

In the cold light of morning

Brian Molko, he does have a way with words. A very good way with words. Placebo – In the cold light of morning And then of course, there is The Hunger. I mean, there is nothing not to like about this movie; Catherine Deneuve, vampires, lesbians, ageing, and she is soo smooth with the pick-up […]

With you it’s always take, take and no give.

I love how sinister this song is. I know where you live. Placebo – I.K.W.Y.L. I’m not really into politics. This whole Maggie Thatcher dying thing. Well it’s big news. I mean, I’m from a Welsh mining town. I was but a child, but feelings, they run deep. We are under the control again, of […]

Cover of Placebo – Fuck u

My amp is going mental. Try and ignore it. I do. I’m gonna call it ‘grunge’ because the genre of grunge basically means… mistakes aplenty, but I don’t care, or at least, I pretend I don’t care, because I am so cool like that. Cover of Placebo – Fuck u Originally by Archive, I think. […]

Can’t believe you were once just like anyone else then you grew and became like the devil himself

SPOILER ALERT!! If you haven’t seen the film American History X, and want to, don’t watch this video. Katie Renee of Discovering Different has a post “Song of the week.” This is my song of the past 4 days and probably at least the next 3. So perhaps it is my song of the week. […]