The warmth

The discrepancy between fantasy and reality Defence and anonymity from pain Sexual undercurrents Shame-bound Imagined relationship Dignity impossible No voice Threat of violence and instability Your presence Intrinsic meaning Misinterpreted significance Destructive love Terrifying human mind Metaphorical rapist Assault my intelligence This dynamic Your disdain All-consuming Time-wasting, ongoing, controlling, unforgiving Hope Delineated boundaries Perception of […]

2. Swift Expression blog challenge – Invisible Flame

Part of the Swift Expression blog challenge. Join in at Swift Expression’s blog here. First I was thinking of dreams being invisible, because they’re inside your mind, not really visible, only to you. Then I went to the whole sleep paralysis / old hag thing. Flames / lighter flames… most flames are invisible at the tip. […]

Dream #11 – another trilogy

Dreamed the police wanted to flood the house slowly and we had to take everything out so it didn’t get wet as quickly as possible, so they could search the place thoroughly. It was very humiliating. I was doing my best to carry stuff but my husband was shouting at me, saying he could carry […]