I don’t know what I want

Human contact. Relationships. Friendships. Physical contact. I’m in this weird frame of mind. After my spate of one night stands which did not make me feel very good about myself, I’ve been online, and meeting people from online offline. To be crude, I have offers, multiple, and presumably bona fide… From men, boys, young men […]

Hitting nails on heads, sexuality and gender.

With a woman: I will be a woman with breasts, a clitoris, a vagina and an hourglass figure. I will be a man with a chest and a phallus. I will be both, or neither. With a man: I will be a man, with muscles and stubble, sideburns, a beard and an Adam’s apple. I […]

Chromosomes and spirituality

Chromosomes. Science fiction. Spirituality. Abernant tunnel. Why are deserted places spiritual? Something died in them and not just the people. Like the white lady, run over by a train, bringing her husband a packed lunch. Sandwiches probably. It’s a nice story because she wasn’t thinking only of herself. And then he goes on living, and […]

The walk of shame

Both feet tripped at the same time, sending her flying forward. There was no rescuing herself. Both knees hit the ground with a force great enough to graze her legs through her jeans. She let out a high-pitched self-pitying scream, rolled herself over to sit on the pavement and started to cry. She was glad, […]

Sex negative

He’s a sweetheart He looks like Bill Sykes His central incisor has a mesial chip He still lives with his mother He has his name on an army tag He’s a good kisser His stubble is nice We go for a piss In the alleyway by the church We have sex while two onlookers watch […]

Liebster Award – questions answered

Thank you John at Writing the Body for this. 1.  how old were you when you first masturbated? I have no idea. 11, 12, 13? Your guess is as good as mine. 2.  how old were you when you first made love?  16 3.  name four songs that you really love, and that you have […]

In the interest of equality… (vulva)

There you go, black and white, or is it sepia, vulva. Fair is fair. Both of these images make me feel queasy. I don’t know when I got so frightened of women. I’m feeling a little traumatised. I want something, ultimately, a relationship. But I’m too scared. Terrified of being hurt. Terrified of women. To […]

Smoking (hot cock)

Anyone notice he’s smoking a menthol cigarette? No… I didn’t think so.   I have no legitimate reason for posting this gratuitous photo. If anyone can think of a reason, let me know… No, still can’t think of a reason.   Perhaps as a commentary on how I feel able to post this photo. Would […]