Has anyone ever died eating a crumpet?

Yes, yes someone has but how that brought you to my blog I’m not sure. http://www.thisiskent.co.uk/Woman-died-eating-crumpet/story-12787752-detail/story.html#axzz2OnaYQtN5 This post is just, I guess a commentary, what I think when I look at my statistics. Which is not very often. But tonight is the night. (Search terms in bold): – gel electrophoresis of psp1 and phg327 after […]

What the hell?

Dearest Tilda 🙂 of Swift Expressions blog, I just wanted to say thank you for giving me a kick up the arse. After reading your comment on my earlier post ‘A glimpse of happiness’ I immediately logged onto gaydargirls (dating site). I must admit I have been a bit despondent about it of late, as it […]

Avoiding responsibility

I avoid responsibility. Always have. Why? It’s simple really… fear. Specifically fear of failure. If I don’t study in University then it’s ok if I don’t do well, I wasn’t trying my hardest anyway. Therefore I can’t really be stupid. If I’m lazy and don’t really try to get a job, then it’s not because […]

My acquaintance with synchronicity

I was introduced to the concept of synchronicity by a person who I’ve never met, but fell in love with (cybernetically). She was a real person, or so I’m led to believe, or a very clever computer system with replicably inputted spelling errors. Since that day, to say my mental state has changed is an […]